The diving at  Tulamben and nearby areas is simply amazing!

I would think that there are not many divers who have not heard of the Liberty wreck. Actually the correct name is the USAT Liberty, a US Army transport vessel which was bombed in WWII, towed to Tulamben, and left on the beach to rust away. However, in 1963 Mount Agung erupted in a massive display of the forces of nature, and the Liberty found it’s final resting place, about 30 m off the beach in quite shallow water. With an event which caused so much suffering and devastation on the North-East coast of Bali, a new industry was born, as diving The Liberty Wreck has become a “must do” for visitors. Over the years “heavy metal” turned into a beautiful, artificial reef. Not just divers enjoy checking out this magnificent wreck. Quite a large number of snorklers visit Tulamben as well, as dive sites such as the Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden and the Drop Off are suitable for snorklers as well, and are easily accessed from the (very rocky) beach.

Tulamben Wreck Divers dive centre is only about 1 minute walking distance from our resort.

For extensive information about scuba diving and snorkling, as well as PADI dive courses please have a look at the Tulamben Wreck Divers website

Divers should make sure that they have travel insurance which covers dive medical emergencies, and that the cover is high enough to take care of the cost of recompression chambers and medical evacuation. Divers should consider taking out DAN membership.

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