Unusual Visitors

I almost forgot to mention it. About 2 weeks ago we had a baby whale shark at the Liberty wreck – great excitement among visitors and dive guides alike. It’s the 2nd such visitor  within a few months, the first one also being an infant. Which makes me wonder whether there is an undiscovered breeding area somewhere close by. Wouldn’t that be something!

We received our second surprise of the week with an out-of-season mola mola at the cleaning station at the Deep Garden at around 45m, which is the deep part of the Coral Garden.

Talking about extremes:  the mola mola was spotted by Ben, our resident teckie, whereas the whale shark was so shallow that even some snorklers saw it.

By the way, Ben has been a tech instructor for some 10 years or so, and is in the process of moving his operation from Phuket to Tulamben. He is already spending quite a bit of time here, both teaching new tech divers, and also taking certified ones for fun dives. If you would like to find out more about tech diving at Tulamben, just send him an email 

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